Jon Beer’s background is in the fine arts. He bought a mansion built in 1890, and wondered what he got himself into. It launched him in a career of construction and restoration.

Every business has a trajectory.

There’s no guidebook to business. You have to go through it yourself. When you figure it out yourself it really sticks.

He got his first few jobs through social media.

Reaching out via direct message is a philosophy thing. You have to go after what you want.

Somebody has to be first – it can be you.
Be the best.
Figure out what you want to be most successful in doing. What is your definition of success?

Something he wishes he would have done in the beginning was to setup payroll.

Dollars are employees.

Two things he had to learn the hard way:

  • If you’re getting every job you bud you’re charging too little.
  • Learn to admit your mistake and own it.

Best advice:
Your work will be here Monday. Go enjoy yourself this weekend.


  • Restoring A House In The City
  • Modern Joinery
  • Profit First

Jon’s advice to a contractor who is just getting started:
Focus as much on the business work as much as the craftsmanship work of the company. They are of equal importance. Set a good habit to work for that stuff as much when working for a client.

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