Brady Johanson is the founder of Brady Colt Custom Homes. Brady Sits on the Board of directors and is also significantly involved in the Young Professional Leadership Committee where the young professionals of the industry combine their resources to help and aid local San Antonio charities. He is definitely a leader in the industry and it’s exciting to watch him and his business grow.

Here are some notes from this episode:

We started off talking about IBS/KBIS:

Brady says that he is glad he has a degree to fall back on. Early on in his career he got burned out doing commercial construction. So, he started a concrete company. He had 3 partners. Eventually the company fell through, and Brady went on his own.

He started a custom home building company. When just getting started he was turned down by 18 banks on his first spec house. But he pressed through and his business took off.

The transition from commercial construction to custom residential is hard. Why? Because in commercial EVERYTHING is spelled out exactly how it is to be done. Down to the very last minute detail. But in residential construction there is more “gray area” that isn’t specified in the plans. Here are some tips:

  • Create mockups
  • Get sign offs
  • Constantly tweak your specifications

When asked to what Brady contributes his success, he replied:

  • Got lucky
  • Being able to take advantage of situations that present themselves in front of him
  • Being open minded

Here are the core values of Brady Colt Custom Homes:

  • Be professional
  • Bid presentation
  • What we wear
  • The way we speak to people
  • Clean jobsites
  • Job site signage
  • Be on time
  • Answer your phone

Make time management a priority.

  • Set your parameters with your clients concerning your family and the time you spend with them.
  • Get up early and get stuff done while it’s quiet.
  • Office hours are from 8-10am
  • Time in the field for 3-4 hours
  • Then back to the office to finish out the day.

As far as technology goes, Brady likes to use these apps:

  • Bluebeam software (PDF reader)
  • OneDrive
  • Upwork – to outsource any computing work like, virtual staging, logo design, or marketing videos.

For marketing here is Brady’s advice:

  • Use Instagram
  • Network, and be out there in your community
  • Have a good website


  • Peaks and Valleys
  • NUTS (founder of Southwest Airlines)
  • Let my people go surfing
  • Shoe dog (Nike story)

If you are just starting out, here is Brady’s advice:

Join your local Home Builder’s Association. Ask for help from other people in the industry. Focus on educating yourself and continuing to grow. Get involved as you can.

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Martin Holsinger, show host

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