If you are reading this, you probably just came from Part One of this series; Maintaining and Growing in Construction. If you haven’t read part one of this series head over to our blog page and start your journey in building your construction business there. Let’s jump right into the next steps in this series. These steps are just as vital to any business as Part One. Read carefully to walk away educated and refreshed.

#5: Don’t stay in the shadows

If you own or manage a construction business, you want to get your business out into the community and talked about with word of mouth. This is especially true if you are a brand-new business. The quality of work and management of your team and site is also important because customers will talk about their experiences with their friends, families, and colleagues. Any bad talk or reviews can severely impact your company’s reputation, which could be detrimental in profit and future job opportunities.

#6: Use Your Strengths

Use your business’ strengths to your benefit by taking on jobs that you know are within your team’s skill sets. For example, if your team is specifically amazing on hotel jobs then accept and recruit more hotel jobs. Use your strengths to build up your reputation.

#7: Networking Is Key

Networking and marketing are key components to building your business. Use every strategy that is available to you. Social media is a perfect way to showcase your work and get it out into the community. Add pictures of the jobs you have completed, as well as moments on the job site that would be amusing or interesting to people. Build a website for your company that provides all the necessary information to your clients. With a website and social media, you can generate leads of these platforms along with many more. Getting involved in the community through events and giving back are also ways to get your name out there.

#8: Quality

Make sure your team is producing a product or building that is high quality and at your competitor’s level. If your builds themselves are slacking quality or your team lacks endurance, your rates will go down along with your leads. People are also less likely to refer you to other people if their jobs weren’t done well and equal to if not higher than other construction companies.

#9: Change Here and There

Change is good for your reputation. If you stay the same all the time with no changes, your clients and workers may get bored and move on to something new. Change your practices, pricing, and offers just in the slightest to create new attention. As for your workers, change up little things within the job site and incentives to keep them on their toes.

#10: Customer Service ie. The King

Your customer service, no matter what trade or business you are running, is extremely vital. Customer service is what makes a company great or what makes them bad compared to others. If you are not friendly, easy-going, or have good communication skills then your clients will instantly be turned away from your business and find a contractor elsewhere.

#11: Be Proactive

You can’t expect jobs to fall from thin air. You must be proactive with your advertising and marketing. Without doing this, your leads will decline and eventually you will lose whatever flow of work you had. By being proactive and working for your leads, you can sometimes generate an insane amount of leads and keep your business growing for years down the road.

#12: Be Smart

Always make smart decisions and keep yourself and your employees safe. Whether it’s a decision on the corporate end or on the job site, your decisions affect your entire team. Make sure your choices such as picking which job to take on, new tools, or new technology keep your team efficient and safe.

 These are our top 12 tips and tricks to maintaining and growing in the construction industry. If you keep these in mind and implement some of them in your daily practices your business will be destined for success and growth soon.