Amazon, which is a well known company among everyone, is planning to build a new addition to the world of Amazon and their many locations. Amazon handles a wide variety of merchandise and delivers items directly to your front door. Their wide variety and affordable prices on high quality products makes them one of the most popular and the largest online shopping platforms offered. Amazon has multiple locations for their offices, headquarters, distribution, and operations. Each location is specialized to optimize the overall production and operations of the company. Amazon’s new build aims high and hopes to change the layout of one of Seattle’s suburbs. Keep reading to learn all about it!

Amazon’s New Build

Amazon bought a plot of land for $195 million earlier this year in the Seattle suburbs in Bellevue, Washington. The building hosts a 1 million square feet space that stands 43 stories high.

The layout of the high rise is planned to consist of 885,000 square feet of office space, with 14,000 square feet being retail. This is in addition to areas full of amenities and meeting spaces for employees and visitors. The building is being created to house the company’s headquarters and is on track to be completed by 2024.

As of right now, Amazon has not made any statements in regards to making a major shift in Seattle. In 2017, Amazon leased a building in Rainer Square that consists of 722,000 square feet. They are planning to sublease the building with the new building in the works.

Why The Big Move?

Amazon planned to make the move to Seattle once the city decided to start a $275 annual head tax per employee for companies who make around $20 million or more each year in revenue. The money was originally supposed to go to homeless individuals, but has increased with the economy. Amazon is working to add several different locations to their current army of locations. They chose a location in Long Island and New York City to be their next two multi-million dollar locations.

Currently, the tallest building in Seattle were Amazons Bellevue Towers, until the build of the new Amazon building is completed in the year 2024.

In April of this year, the company Geek Wire stated that Amazon was planning to make the move of their Worldwide Operations Teams which consists of thousands of employees and handles the majority of the company’s delivery and logistics team. Amazon’s main goal at all of their locations is to improve the overall productivity in operations, so they can get customers’ packages at their doors in a timely manner. Amazon has over 175 fulfillment centers across the world and a delivery team that manages trucks, trailers, and airplanes. With the new location of Amazon’s operations team, they are looking to implement new logistics when it comes to delivery.

This move particularly is allowing Amazon to continue getting more involved with the regions of Seattle and the community.

The Mayor of Seattle John Chelminiak stated, “We’re excited by today’s announcement that Amazon plans to expand its presence in Bellevue” as of April 2019.

“As a community, we have worked hard to anticipate this type of positive growth downtown, and Amazon is a natural fit. It is also critical that these types of jobs stay in the region. Bellevue values our business community and we look forward to working with the company as their transition progresses. Welcome Home Amazon!”

Amazon got a lot of push-back from the City of New York when they decided to ‘abandon’ their location their and continue their building elsewhere. As of now, Amazon is very pleased with their decision to build in Seattle as they now house over 45,000 employees in the Seattle alone. They also currently have about 11,000 jobs that are currently unfilled.

Are you looking forward to the completion of Amazon’s new build? What changes do you think they will make to their operations and delivery with the amount of space they now have access to?

In the words of the Mayor of Seattle, Welcome Home Amazon!

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