Kayle Sickler joins us from Settlement Post and Beam which specializes in building solid post frame structures. Sickler, shares how he develop a sales and marketing acumen while working at his family’s business. He learned more about the craft from his dad and is now helping grow their company through online marketing, pay-per-click advertising and branding.

Kayle is passionate about finding your voice in your community and show your client before they come to you that this is a right fit for them. He talks at length about figuring out what makes your product unique in the community.

Something that helps this process is to think about things like:

  • What drives customers?
  • How can we provide outstanding customer service?
  • How can we acquire exceptional imagery of our best work?
  • Are we returning phone calls and getting back to people. (This is something you can control)

Find a way to personify your company.
An easy way to do this by posting pictures of your team on your website.

Start from the foundation up:

  • Website with a solid landing page.
  • Must have good imagery.
  • Feature a house plan on your website to give people a starting point.

Concerning Instagram… Don’t put all your work out there; only your best.

Tech tools they use:

  • Google Sketchup

Books he recommends:

  • Advance Timber Framing
  • The Alchemist

To the new contractor just starting out:
There is a huge need for young people in the trades. You could really build something awesome for yourself and your family. Go for it!

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