Comes from a long line of contractors. But went to school to be a lawyer.

Connor says, the best thing that happened to him is when he got pushed out of the law firm and went out on his own.

The most important thing to learn in business is what you don’t know.

When Connor took over Diamondback Toolbelts, they had a superior product but it was unknown. So he had to find ways to make it known.

Best advice:

  • Stop!
  • Don’t go get a job.
  • Find what you like.

You have to have connections. Family and friends to rely on. It doesn’t make the failure go away, but it gives you a support group to lean on which helps you make it through.

Connor’s key to success is:

  1. The product
  2. Found a way to get it out there. Find what people want; then give it to them.
  3. Figured out what we are all about. He wants to give the trades people the same respect that white collar folks get every day.

If you are wanting to get a Diamond Back Toolbelt for yourself or someone…Do it today! Don’t wait!

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