Technology is constantly evolving and creating new trends all over the world. Many people think that technology is an unnecessary thing and that people survived without it years ago- so why do we need it now? Well nowadays because technology is implemented in just about everything, it makes our lives easier if we use it. Think about it- imagine trying to get a hold of a client for your meeting without a phone, or emailing someone from another company in another state, or something as simple as seeing when your spouse is off work. Technology makes our daily tasks in our personal lives and work lives so much easier, we just ignore it sometimes. In this article we will be taking a look at the top 5 technology musts in the construction industry.

The construction industry specifically is one trade that is affected by technology in a good way. The way we plan, build, and implement new projects has advanced by a lot with the use of technology. If you are running a construction company, your main goal is to properly and efficiently complete tasks, are we right? With the use of these 5 Technology Musts, you will be able to manage your construction site with no problems.

#1: Management Software

There are several different software systems out there that can assist in managing construction projects that are connected to your existing accounting system, scheduling, and time tracking. By using a software like this to manage your site, you will find that you feel more organized, productive, and less stressed. Everything is in one place and strategically laid out to enhance your overall productivity.

#2: Wearable Devices

On a construction site, everyone is normally split up and doing their specific job duties. Dependent on the size of the construction site, it can be a chore to gather everyone up for meetings, or even to find one specific person. Wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches are ideal for being able to easily communicate with members of your team. Fitness trackers are also beneficial when ensuring your employee’s health is up to par.

#3: Two Way Radios

This tech device could be tied in with the wearable devices, although we separate them for one specific reason, the price tag. Smartwatches and fitness trackers can be very expensive and more fragile. On a construction site, nothing is delicate and fragile, which is why two-way radios may be a suitable and cost-effective piece of tech to use on-site to communicate with members of your team.

#4: Augmented Reality

Now, the first thing you’re probably thinking is- what the heck is Augmented Reality? Well, like virtual reality it makes it seem as if you are stepping into a whole new world. VR is completely digital and makes believe where AR is partially real-time. How it works is you take the device and capture a video or picture of say a house that has been framed. You then can see what it would like with walls, windows in certain places, and much more. This is perfect for home and office builds!

#5: Drones

Drones are being used mainly in video and film production, but why not use it to view your project in a complete 360 degrees? If you are working on the construction of a building that towers over you or even on the roof of a single-family home, a drone can assist you in making sure all construction is complete and done properly. This is the least used tech piece out of these 5 options because it is very futuristic and hard to get used to. A lot of construction managers don’t like the idea of trusting a digital video to show the flaws that need to be repaired.

Technology, as we mentioned, is constantly changing and growing. Every year, there are new tech developments and new pieces of technology that are released. As of today, every trade whether its business, construction, medicine, or even art is having technology be implemented in the most unique and surprising ways. Within the next few years who knows what technology will be developed and what tasks that were once completed by hand will be taken over by technology as a whole. At that time, our list of 5 Technology Musts will definitely change!