All over the world you can see cases of history being rebuilt. There are old historic buildings that need to be rebuilt for them to remain throughout history. Government buildings of all kinds are being either renovated, sold, or replaced due to various issues. Problems of wear and tear, natural age, difficult maintenance, and lastly the inability to accommodate new technology all pose obstacles to overcome. A good amount of historic buildings aren’t even being occupied because they are unsafe to even be in. To rebuild history and continue creating a new future for these buildings, many are being scheduled for renovation. 

Examples of History Being Rebuilt (Or Needing to Be Rebuilt)


A city hall building that was built in the 1800s is pleading to be renovated or rebuilt. This city hall building is located in Pennsylvania within a city by the name of Scranton. After discussions were held among qualified people, city leaders have issued a request to be qualified in renovating the building. Throughout the entire U.S, conversations like this are being held just like this one from Pennsylvania.

New York 

The Office of Court Administration in New York has concluded that a courtroom facility in Bath, NY does not meet the standards and is well overdue for renovations. Over the years since it was opened in 1986, the courtroom has had little to no renovations which has resulted in a project that will now cost multi-millions to accommodate all of the renovations. Starting in 2020, contractors will be hired, and renovations will begin. The Court Administration is looking to add new and additional courtrooms, hearing rooms, sitting areas, and new office space for staff and judges. 


The entire county of Taylor, Texas has estimated over $50 million in projects that they are wanting to complete throughout the city. These projects include the Courthouse for the county as well as the Law Enforcement Center. Further discussions are happening regarding reconstructing the jail, all of which are still being considered and working on the details. Within the near future, residents of Taylor County can expect to see these renovations. 


Grateful citizens in Boston have been notified of a $70 million rebuild that their City Hall Plaza will see within the next couple of years. The state is wanting to provide new benefits to the citizens by adding a large community space for events, and an ice-skating rink in the winter. The space will be a hub full of tourism and people, as well as all of the necessary security upgrades! New landscaping will be added to fill out the area will new trees, flowers, and bushes. 


As for the city of Madison, Kentucky, major renovations will be done to the main courthouse by 2020. The city’s courthouse had been flagged with many risks that are concerning for the safety of its employees, as well as visitors. The remodel will include a completely new electrical system including heat and air. During renovations, a temporary building has been rented, as well as a makeshift courtroom. 


Indiana also has renovations for its county offices and courthouse scheduled for the foreseeable future. Their state offices are spread out amongst several different locations. The state’s main goal is to renovate the space so more offices can be combined, and the number of locations can be decreased. The roofs on the buildings are the number one priority for safety reasons. About 15 years ago, the state got an estimate to do all of these same repairs and back then it was around $15 million. Within the past 15 years, renovation costs have continued to increase which is leaving the state on the edge of their seats whilst waiting for a project estimate. 


Troutdale, Oregon is mainly focused on parking spaces. They have funding approved to tear down multiple buildings and build parking structures in their place. Mississippi is following the rest of the states on this list by renovating their courthouses and county buildings and adding new ones among the historic buildings that already exist. 

Throughout the United States, elected officials are implementing the proper procedures to get funding approved on renovations and add on’s throughout cities and states. Multiple city officials are wanting to not only renovate existing structures, but add river walks, sports facilities, art centers, convention centers as well as much more. Who knows how different the country may look within the next few years!

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