Mark King loves building decks. He is really good at building those decks with lots of beautiful curves.

He said that he has learned to interview the client as much as they are interviewing him.
Don’t think you can please everyone. Quality and craftsmanship doesn’t please everyone.
Interview them and make sure they are a good fit before you say yes to doing their project. Look for what they are worried about.

Mark directs his prospects to his website to contact him from there.
He set up a special outgoing voice message system that helps him qualify his customers even more.

Mark sets up his meetings during the day if h can. So that he can spend time with his family in the afternoons and evenings.

He always tries to pay it forward. He tries to help out however he can to make this industry better.

The key to his success is “Differentiation.”
Finding out how we are different and not running with the crowd.

Don’t rest in comfort because then you won’t grow.

I am happy where I am. But I’m not comfortable. I want to keep growing.

Best Advice:
If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Create a signature look. Differentiate your brand foremother contractors.

  • Tech:
  • Quickbooks and spreadsheets
  • Deck Tools
  • Website
  • FB Messenger and chatbox. This helps with Quick Response icon.

We do marketing on every social media site possible.

It’s a shame that shop class has been removed from schools.

When hiring I look for someone who takes pride in what they do. They love the industry. They sho up on time. They are not on their phone all the time. They ask questions. This makes a good employee.

If you are leaving a job, do not destroy the bridge with that employer. That relationship make prove to be a blessing in the long run if you do not destroy it as you leave.

To the contractor who is just starting out:
Have a mindset of quality first. You’ll never lose. Document everything. Make not of how long a project takes. Take lots of pictures. Be willing to learn new things. Constantly evolve. Get reviews. As many as you can. Integrity is everything.

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