Today’s featured guest is Joe Edwards from @elite_concepts_usa

Joe is a soft spoken and a caring person. He is also a man of vision and confidence as well. One thing you will notice as you listen to his story, and it came out of some hardships he went through, is the importance of good legal contracts and sticking with them.

Also you’ll learn:

What he did at 10 years old to earn money.
Why sharing the “secret sauce” actually helps out in business, not hinders it.
The ONE thing you should ask yourself when you wake up in the morning.
How you should view your business – from a legal perspective.
The opinion you should have of people younger than you, or even less experienced than you.
There’s so many other great things he said in this interview, So, listen all the way to the end, and be INSPIRED!

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Today’s Protractor Tip from Brad Leavitt @aft_construction is all about the importance of getting Signatures. This is very important if you are wanting to build a REAL business, and not just a hobby.

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