As a homeowner when you are building a deck, you don’t want to be just like your boring old neighbors with the traditional deck color and style. You want to stand out from the rest and be the talk of the neighborhood. When most people go to design their deck, they think it must be the same old straight, narrow boards with the traditional colors, but that is not true. As the design industry grows and more trends are implemented, there are brands that are releasing decking lines that step outside the comfort zone of most and add a new-found look among neighborhoods. TimberTech is one of those brands- they have a wide selection of decking lines that make it easy for a homeowner to find their exact style they want for their deck. Let’s break it down to the top TimberTech Decking lines.

TimberTech AZEK

This line of decking is very neutral while still staying away from traditional boring deck styles. AZEK includes narrow boards and the standard decking shape while offering a variety of 6 different color combinations that all mock the color and the look of natural wood coloring. With this line of decking, you will be able to implement a very natural but vibrant deck design.

This line of decking also provides homeowners with the same Polymer Capped decking as regular decking. Each board is wrapped in polymer making them extremely durable and sustainable. This also allows them to be slip-resistant, which is important for rainy climates. Not to mention this line from TimberTech comes with a 50 year warranty.

AZEK is just the first step in TimberTech’s lines of decking. Each line has a very specific vibe dependent on the color options, and the dimensions of the boards. Each brand is affordable and specific to the client’s needs and wants.

TimberTech Four-Sided Composite

This line of decking is capped with polymer on all four sides, which allows it to have extreme durability and strength. TimberTech Pros line has authentic wood styles when it comes to the grain on the actual board and the color options available. The texture is hand-scraped to give it a 100% natural look, while still being as durable as composite. The surface of these boards is built and engineered to withstand damage such as spills, scratches, dents, and normal traffic. This line from TimberTech comes with a 30 year product warranty as well as a 30 year fade and stain warranty.

TimberTech Three-Sided Composite

TimberTechs three-sided polymer capped decking is wrapped around three sides of the board, which allows the grooves in the board to be protected against all the elements Mother Nature can bring. There is no wood in the cap which makes it stronger and more durable than the other lines, even though it is only coated on three sides. This line is TimberTech Edge, it is the perfect line for a homeowner who does not want to spend a ton of hours and a lot of money on repairs and rebuilds down the road. This line, just like the rest, comes with a warranty of 25 years.

Shop TimberTech, We Promise You Won’t Regret It

TimberTech is the place to shop if you are in the market for high quality and sustainable decking that won’t break the bank. They also have a large selection of decking materials and accents to enhance the overall look of your deck once it is installed such as railings, lighting, pavers, and much more. They offer dozens of different color options to choose from within all of the different lines, which means you are guaranteed to find the perfect color to match your style and your home. With their wide variety and their 25, 30, and 50 year warranties, TimberTech doesn’t just help build decks. They create an outdoor space for homeowners to enjoy with their friends and family to make memories. They take the stress away from backyard renovations and replace it with fun and excitement in choosing colors, dimensions, and enhancements with accents and fixtures. They create a space that you can relax, unwind, and spend quality time with the people you love.

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