In this episode Michael Kaestner shares entrepreneurial wisdom and practical advice that highlights the importance of getting started early, networking, and coming out strong with a well-defined business plan.

Had a lot of fear in taking that 1st step and committing to starting his own thing.
It’s important to save money and set it aside to have a buffer for when you go out on your own.
You have to be sensible about that exit.

Taking notes helps keep your brain fresh

In retrospect something Michael wishes he would’ve known when he started is to hit the ground running harder at first. The earlier you get started the better off you are.

Nothing comes easy.

Harmony is the best policy.

The best advice Michael remembers is: “Don’t ever burn your bridges.”

Network with people. Talk to people. Those relationships will get you farther down the road.

Designer/ Contractor relationship tips:
* Be accountable – Be willing to provide a solution no matter what.
* Be transparent.
* Fix issues as they come up – But be discreet about it.
* Do a walkthrough with contractor beforehand.
* Have contractor sign off on it.
* Be attentive
* Be on site.
* Be available.
* All plans at the job site.

The more prepared you are before hand the better off you’ll be. There should always be mutual respect.

To the contractor:
* View designers as professional
* Ask for the treatment you deserve.
* Ego and stress affects performance negatively.

We as people are communicators. It never hurts to ask.

Just keep pushing. You will get there.

Michael says the key to his success is Perseverance. He just doesn’t quit.

You have to have failure to elevate your game.

* Google Drive
* Google Calendar
* 2020 Design Software
* Chief Architect
* Canva

The E-Myth Revisited

To the contractor who is just getting started:
Never be afraid to fail. It is inevitable. It is the one way we mature and grow. Be easy on yourself. Take your work seriously but not too seriously that you burn out on it. Take risks. Help is only a phone call away.

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