It’s all about finding the right solutions for your customers issue or problem. Sometimes you just got to think outside the box a little bit. But when you do find the right solution, you will have a happy customer for life.

A lesson Spencer learned the hard way is that not everything you think will work out actually does.

Be prepared and think about what could happen. And have humility to except the outcome.

Some tips Spencer shared about running a successful contracting company:
* Be fiscally conservative
* Don’t live for the right now
* Take the long view
* Be able to strip out the fluff in those time and it not hurt your company.
* Setup biz for efficiency
* Squeeze every penny out of every dollar.
* Fulfill the promise you made to your clients.

If you are dealing with an architect, here are a few tips to help that relationship be a win/win.
* Be genuine with the architect up front.
* Have mutual respect for both person’s craft.
* You both want to maintain your good reputation.
* Both of you are proud of your craft.

The best advice given to Spencer came from his wife. It was leading up to him giving a talk at conference, and he was struggling knowing what to say, since he felt like his business had failed in the national recession. He was concerned about having people judge him for his story.
But his wife encouraged him, and said, “Be Yourself.”
She told him to just go out there and be himself. To be vulnerable and tell the truth. So he did. And that advice has stuck with him over and over and over again since then. He often tells himself, to just “Be Yourself.”

Relationships are paramount over everything.
Be vulnerable and transparent for the purpose of connection. Don’t try to manipulate people by being vulnerable. But don’t hold back either. Be willing to share about your honest experience, or lack of it, in order to develop connection with people.
This will lead to a deeper and longer lasting relationship with people. Guaranteed.

* Estimate quickly and accurately.
* Integrates with quickbooks really well, and that integration goes both ways so you don’t have to enter items twice.
* Communicate details with customer effortlessly.
* Scheduling efficiently.
* And so much more.

If you have Co-Construct and it seems overwhelming to you, try this exercise.
Think about what is keeping you up at night concerning your business, and figure out how to eliminate that issue using Co-Construct.

The over riding goal of Co-Construct is to help the construction industry develop into a more financially stable and respected industry. (Lines up with our goals here at Protractor Media perfectly!)

Books recommended:
* Contractor Marketing Simplified
* Start With Why
* Accounting and Financial Management for Residential Construction

Advice to a new contractor just starting out:
* Slow down.
* Take time to think about what you are doing.
* Find a mentor, peer group, or roundtable to be a part of.
* Get vulnerable and ask lots of questions.

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