Expanding into the private fencing category signifies our company growth as we work to meet the evolving needs of the industry and consumers” stated LP’s Growth and Innovation Manager, Adina Barnes. 

New Product

LP Building Solutions has announced that they will be launching a new product line for performance fencing by the name, LP Elements. This fencing material is highly innovative and was specifically designed with homeowners and fencing companies in mind. This line consists of a material that is durable and functional, while still allowing for privacy and style. They will be offering over seven different colors, as well as a product that will have greater sustainability than softwood and vinyl. 

LP has shown a long-standing commitment to providing building solutions that are not only innovative, but can withstand wear and tear, and still look aesthetically pleasing. This new product launch shows that they stand true to their commitment and their goal of advancing the building industry. 

In regard to the launch of LPs Performance Fencing line, Adina Barnes, Manager of Growth and Innovations also stated, “The addition of LP Elements offers an entirely new material category to the industry, demonstrating LP’s commitment to providing innovative solutions.”

Everyone here at Building Empires is wondering, how will homeowners and members of the fence building industry feel about this product?

This new line of fencing is definitely a step up from the traditional cedar fencing that is very commonly used in the industry. Although, a big issue when it comes to building materials is the affordability. Some homeowners would rather save money and use a traditional product, rather than try something new and increase their budget. From the sounds of it, LP’s new Performance Fencing line will be not only be reasonably priced right off the bat, but it seems as though it is expected to have a long life span. This will save money in the future with little to no upkeep needed. 

LP has said in numerous press releases that this product is a durable and highly engineered wood that is produced to withstand up to 130 mph winds, while also being resistant to bending and warping. This new product line has been through vigorous testing against not only wind, but also hail.

Now, we’re sure you’re wondering what colors and styles will be available? As of right now LP’s Elements line is available in a dog ear style in the following colors.

  • Majave Ridge  
  • Prairie Sand 
  • Portland Storm 
  • Carolina Cedar 
  • Key Largo Surf – Special order 
  • Michigan Mist – Special order 
  • Hilo Ash – Special order 

All of their color choices are very neutral browns and greys, in addition to a reddish option, as well as black.

LP’s slogan with this line is “Weather Tested. Life Tested. Performance Tested”, which is leaving all of us consumers very intrigued to see the true advantages that are behind this performance fencing. A fencing line that is durable, easy to install with no tools needed, aesthetically pleasing, and eco friendly seems too good to be true. 

LP is known for their high-performance products that already exist, which includes exterior siding and trim, sheds, flooring and structural panels for residential and commercial buildings. The reputation they have built for their products and company has continued to grow. Now adding to their extensive product portfolio, they are sure to gain more clientele.

LP Building Solutions has set the bar high in the building materials industry. We are feeling good regarding this product launch and are excited to see a highly innovation, sustainable, and design worthy product come to the table. In the end, LP seems to know what they are doing and how to increase the amounts of eyes set of them.

“Expanding into the private fencing category signifies our company’s growth…” which were the exact words of Adina Barnes, a manager within LP Building Solutions.