“We are excited to be among the first to bring the design versatility of indoor flooring trends to the outdoors” stated the CEO of AZEK Co, Jesse Singe. TimberTech is a well-known premium decking company that has set the expectations high in the home building industry. Alongside their traditional products, TimberTech will be releasing two new product lines under their AZEK portfolio.  The new Vintage Collection will allow homeowners two options when it comes to choosing the width of their decking boards – wide and narrow. This highly innovative idea will provide homeowners with the freedom to customize their deck with not only the style and color, but also the sizing and layout.

AZEK’s Vintage Collection will be supplying three different dimensions of boards. Narrow boards are measuring 3 ½”, standard at 5 ½” and wide measuring at 7 ¼”. Using narrow or wide boards when building a deck can add dimension and uniqueness that most homes don’t have. With this new line, homeowners will also have the option of mixing and matching sizes, which can add a dramatic appeal to any deck, setting it aside from the traditional decking style. 

Will Homeowners Choose this New Collection from TimberTech Aside from Other Traditional Decking? 

Homeowners and contractors were excited to witness the new products that would be a part of the upcoming line. 

“The Launch of our multi-width decking is a pivotal evolution for our company and the industry; We’re giving customers the option to go against the grain, think beyond traditional planking everyone else has. Contractors also have the opportunity to get creative while continuing to deliver the ultimate in durability to their customers,” CEO Jesse Singe, stated in regards to the launch. 

An Introduction to AZEK Building Products

AZEK Building Products is a home building materials supplier that is divided into two sections, TimberTech and AZEK Exteriors. A high-quality portfolio of composite decking, railing, porch, light, and paving materials is all enclosed under TimberTech – alongside AZEK, which focuses on one-of-a-kind trim and molding design. As partner brands, the two work together to collaborate with contractors, homeowners, architects, and designers to produce long-lasting and sustainable builds with quality products. 

TimberTech Vintage Color Options

In the spirit of giving homeowners the chance to effectively create patterns and designs with the different sizes of boards, multiple color options will be offered. TimberTech stayed neutral when choosing the color pallet on the Vintage collection. They are offering tones of light and dark brown, as well as mixtures of grey all under the names of Cypress, Dark Hickory, Mahogany, Coastline, English Walnut, and Weathered Teak.

As a little bit of inspiration to purchasers, the Senior VP of Product Management stated, “These three widths can be used in almost any combination to create an extensive range of designs and patterns on deck. From a classic, all narrow or all wide look, to geometrically-complex herringbone patters, the only limits are the imagination of designers and homeowner”.

With a little bit of an inspiring design, just about anything is possible when it comes to designing a deck for your own home or clients. Before this new collection, there were limitations on what could be done due to the ability to maneuver standard sized boards. We believe that this collection is a new evolution in the building industry. It is allowing us to move away from the general decking layouts and create a new sense of style and design, giving homes a modern and edgy twist. 

As stated before by CEO Jesse Singe, “The launch of our multi-width decking is a pivotal evolution for our company and industry.”